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5 Questions to answer to kickstart 2020

Do you want to hit the ground running in 2020?

Before the silly season starts…

Before 2019 is a blur and you forget who you are and where you are going…

 NOW is the smartest time to start building your energy and intention for a great start to the year for both personal and professional life.

5 Action Questions To Create a great 2020

These questions revolve around 5 vital actions you must take. (Set aside 5-10 minutes to answer them.)

1.    Activate – What would I regret not fully doing, being, or having in my life?

This is about living on purpose and kick-starting 2020 with what really matters to you.

2.    Liberate – What will I no longer settle for?

Where do you need to put boundaries in place for your wellbeing and future?

3.    Elevate- What have I done in my life which I previously thought was impossible?

This question helps you realise you’re capable of doing more than you realise. If you want to raise your life you need to raise your communication.

4.    Develop- What have I spent time developing for me as a person this year to help me next year?

Have you neglected yourself in anyway this year, and what do you want to change?

5.    Accelerate- How could I achieve my goals more easily?

There are easier ways to get things done. Prioritise, strategies, to do the heavy lifting. 

Answer these questions now to gain clarity, throw away unwanted concepts and be ready and focused for the new year. You will go into the silly season, confident that the planning is done for 2020, so you can enjoy the festivities fully and look forward to the future.

Karen Ostenried, developing life and business skills differently. For more information about personal or professional development visit us at

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