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Finding Your Power

Whether it is a woman in business wanting to get a better and more authentic leadership identity which incorporates self-awareness and forward-thinking,  or personal development as a goal,  a family group of siblings and multigenerational members we can all learn from horses. 


Communication is the ground zero for success in life, career, culture, community and globally.  It is critical in good leadership, dissolving conflict and creating harmony. Remembering that over 93% of all communication is non-verbal, body-language is the gateway for horses to teach us how to lead, get along and succeed in harmony. Add to this the fact that they can hear your heartbeat and discern fear from aggression their feedback is microscopically detailed. They see right through the facade and the BS, so why not embrace the true you and gain your freedom back.  


In order to lead others, we must first be able to lead ourselves.  The ideal would be to step outside our bodies and watch our interactions and reactions, however, this is not possible.  Instead, we can have reported to us, via a horse who holds no judgement, resentment or ulterior motives, an authentic response.  Our facilitators assist in explaining what that response can mean.  Then it is up to the individual to decide what they will do with that new knowledge.


Our programs are a group of activities that you work through with your team, one of which is your horse.  They will be new to every human which places the entire team on a level playing field.   They are designed for success and positive re-enforcement at all levels with the ability to escalate and de-escalate for the capabilities of the team members.   Individuals need to become aware of their feelings actions and reactions to everything around them and possibly modify these in order to get to an outcome.   Don't be what you think others expect your to be. Be authentic, be true, be you, cause that is truly powerful. 



But what if I'm scared of horses? 
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