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What others say

We Are Passionate About
Inspiring Others  (Here's the chatter)

"I just wanted to thank you and your fantastic team ( horses included) for a truly wonderful experience that I will never forget. 
I am amazed at the self-awareness that your course has awakened in me.
Working with the horses and facing that fear, and presenting in front of the camera completely put me out of my comfort zone, with anxiety levels running high. Yet, I really enjoyed it. 
I now have the tools to apply when things don't go the way planned. To take some risks, a leap of faith and see what happens. 
I now have a greater understanding that the reward of achieving perhaps not on the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd time trying, but enjoying the journey to getting there in the end. It is the most uplifting feeling. And yes this is where the magic begins! Fearless!

Blew my mind, nothing I didn't know but was wonderful hearing it from someone else."  Tracey Williams.  (Your New Dentist).

"Today was brilliant!!!

Loving today. I guess I was totally focused on the true Leadership element of the course.  I'm competitive and always want to do well.   But the horse Indi, made me relax that initial response and be in the moment.  Lots more to say.  Thank you so much for igniting a passion and even a belief I can push past my own limitations. "  Sofia Morris. (Community Services)

"Today I re-learned to have confidence in my choices to show leadership to others, to expand my focus and look outside the box not just at what you can't do.  It reinforced the importance of clear communication. "  Katherine Watkeys. (Camp and Programs manager)

"My take homes today were, teamwork, problem-solving, the need for consideration for other's ideas, safety issues but most importantly the absolute teamwork required when two people are leading the same horse."  Ashley Geelan  (Journalist) 

"Three major elements stood out for me today.  1. Observation- I just noticed what I was observing with an open mind and that was paying attention to behaviours.  2.  Trust - Building trust by working + communicating differently to get the desired results.  3. Creativity - Ultimately it was the creativity that allowed us to achieve our objectives. "  Anthony Gardener (CEO )

"Boundaries- setting boundaries and respecting other's boundaries. Working together to problem solve.  The need to communicate clearly what you want to do which may involve negotiation and influence. Finally staying with frustration and going through it "  Dr. Lise Saugeres, Director

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