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you put YOU FIRST!

 Authentic You Retreat

Join a  group of just 12 like minded women on a beautiful 3 day experience to refresh, refocus and rebalance who you really are.  The perfect opportunity to spend quality time with the most important person in your life. 

Join Karen Ostenried, Katharine King and the team at The Matanya Effect on an empowering journey for a happier, healthier more positive life. 

The Authentic You Retreat is all about understanding yourself, and who you want to become moving forward.  It will help you to progress in life with courage, joy and authenticity. 


It will give you tools to stand in your own power to withstand the challenges that life throws your way. 

     This retreat is for you if you are looking for:

  • Passion and balance in your personal and/or work life.

  • Tools and inspiration to move forward with self-belief.

  • Stronger leadership and communication skills.

  • Solutions to any of life's challenges. 

  • Wanting to get away from the day to day and just focus on you for a change.

  • A chance to spend quality time with your best friend, daugther or mother. (Minimum age 16 yrs).   

How does it work?

Our unique approach harnesses the immense power of horses.  This is known as Equine Assisted Learning or EAL.  Over three days, our four legged teachers accept you without judgement, concern for your history or size, shape and background. They respond to your energy, intentions, actions and especially body language.  If you are brave enough to really listen to their feedback, they will provide you with powerful insights into who you really are.   Oh and there is  NO RIDING INVOLVED. 

You will discover how your words, actions and beliefs creates either a beneficial or detrimental outcome; and then understanding the chain reaction, we can create better, stronger and wiser selves. Horses help you develop presence, listening, mindfulness, empathy, strength and authenticity.

Feeling anxious about the idea of working with a horse, no need to worry, there are multiple levels and options and we can assure you our magnificent teachers will help you through all of this at a safe distance.  

What is Brain Gym? 

Brain Gym® is a lifelong educational, movement based programme which uses simple movements to integrate the whole brain, senses and body, preparing you with the physical skills you need to live and learn more effectively. You will learn ways to both switch on or quieten your brain. 

The improvement in whole brain function that can result from use of the Brain Gym® movements has potential benefits for areas such as:

  • academic skills – for example, reading, writing, spelling and maths

  • memory, concentration and focus

  • organisational skills

  • physical coordination and balance

  • sports performance

  • communication skills and language development

  • self-development and personal stress management

  • the achievement of goals, both professional and personal, for individuals and groups

Your facilitators

Karen Ostenried

Facilitator, singer, operations officer,  medical researcher and holistic change maker. With these many lived experiences Karen has settled into developing people to be the best they can be using horses as the teachers. Horses are the most intuitive instant feedback system you can find. They have survived over millions of years as a prey animal and yet they allow us to interact with them. They can read our heartbeat and see through the stories we tell ourselves.

The magic is in how working with our amazing horses develops your awareness of self and others, often unveiling your hidden knowledge. By taking on some of their full body sensory perception, we can regulate ourselves better allowing our minds, souls and hearts to remain calm and clear.


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Katharine King

A qualified Brain Gym Instructor, Educational Kinesiology, Listening Program provider (Classical Music for Auditory Processing issues), Positive Mindset Coach and Human Behavioural profiler.

She blends all her modalities into an easy to apply and understand program for individuals and teams.

Katharine has worked for over 12 years with educational teams and students. The students had a variety of needs, from non-verbal low functioning ASD, students with physical, academic and behavioural concerns through to top performing VCE students who wish to maximise their potential.

Katharine also works with corporate business teams and aged care residents with dementia, stroke and MS.

Facilitates workshops on Brain Gym with a positive mindset and its easy application.

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"I've just completed the Authentic You Weekend with Karen and her team, and it's been an absolute discovery of who I am and where I want to go with my life, and I've learnt so much from the horses.  I never thought that I would be leading a 500 kg horse easily and even getting them to trust me enough to do the things I wanted.  It has blown away all my expectations and can highly recommend it.  I needed to refocus and find out where I was going and I'm going away with knowing I'm courageous, clear and powerful."  Bronwyn W.

"I came along to support my daughter who has lived through a horrifying experience and I realised I was not on the exact path I was wanting and feel like this clarity has made me look at my perspective on life from another angle and helped me put in place what I really want." (Anonymous). 

"Thank you for an amazing weekend in Kinglake with beautiful Music, Duke and Indi during a 2 day Authentic You workshop. A weekend full of nourishment for the soul, expanding mind and getting plenty of fresh air, gorgeous views and vitamin D." Mariya R.

The Important Details


The gorgeous Cheeky Fox Retreat Accommodation is twin-share, (single rooms if available carry an additional fee), rooms consist of a queen-sized bed and a single bed in each of the six bedrooms, serviced by three shared bathrooms.   All sumptuous and healthy meals are provided, including morning and afternoon teas, light lunches and Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening meals.  Please note meals can be tailored to accommodate special dietary needs.  All linen, towels etc. provided.  All you need to do is bring yourself! and if you wish to BYO alcohol. 


OCTOBER  Thursday 8th through to Sunday 11th 2020.  Arrive anytime after 4pm.


1.Early bird till 11th September $997. That is a saving of $100

2.$1097 after 12th September single ticket twin share. 

If you prefer a private room there is an additional fee of $500.

3.Book two or more and receive a further $25/p/p off the price. 

Payment can be made via direct deposit (preferred option). Payment plans are available but must be paid in full by 6th October 2020. Credit card will be accepted with a small extra fee to cover costs (approx $20 on total amount).  Or you can go old school and send us a cheque! 

Refund Policy:  As you will appreciate to secure the catering, tutors, crew and accommodation, we need to be assured of numbers.  For this reason, course fees are not refundable, but if for some extreme reason you cannot attend at the last minute, please let us know and we will discuss options to book you in for a future retreat.  The first $330 of the deposit is not negotiable as we have made a commitment to tutors, accommodation and catering.  Thanks for your understanding.

Retreat Outline


  • Welcome dinner and discovery session 1. 


  • Nature bathing or sleep-in.

  • The Journey- Building a relationship within. Meet the teachers and learn a new language. 

  • Taking a deeper look at what we tell ourselves.  

  • Beat the crystal ball, arm yourself with resilience 1.  

  • Free time , swim or join in the sing-a-long, play games or if weather permits sit around the campfire. (BYO alcohol). 


  • Gentle Salute to the Sun yoga or sleep in. 

  • Our communication and profile

  • Balance and Boundaries

  • Who are you? 

  • Revealing the princess, warrior, goddess. 

  • Nature bathing or free time. 

  • Beat the crystal ball, resilience 2. 


  • Salute to the Sun or sleep 

  • Reflections of yesterday and resolving the question of life. 

  • Creating you symbol of Strength

  • The great reveal. 

  • What do you see wrapped  up with love. 

  • Goodbyes, photos and tears and farewells. 

Need to know more or want to secure your spot.  

Contact Us

110 Deviation Road, Kinglake Victoria 3763


M: 0408 861 645

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