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Teams & Leaders

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Your people are your best and most valuable asset.


In order for them to perform at their best you need to empower them, develop them and support them to be agile, clear thinkers, responsible, accountable and fantastic problem solvers and influencers. 


That is where we fit in.  Our programs are rare,  innovative and actually fun.  They not only demonstrate where the skill levels are at they will also pinpoint, where focus needs to be for refinement and we can provide that refinement and even measure improvement over time with our Share Tree metrics. 


This makes application easier, and gives great return on investment.  

New Problems require new thinking and behaviours
The leaders of tomorrow are going to have to not only think globally they are also going to have to develop fluid teams that can adapt quickly and enjoy change. We have fun and challenging experiences for building creativity, collaboration, resilience, communication, strategic thinking, and developing stronger relationships to future proof you and them to be able to ride the wave of change upon us. 

✓ Team Building Programs suitable for teams at all levels. These fun and interactive sessions allow participants to build a deeper understanding of their own personal skills and work style, and that of their colleagues, with the goal of enhancing team cohesion and effectiveness.

✓ Leadership Training suitable for those in leadership roles or demonstrating leadership potential. Programs focus on authenticity in leadership, helping leaders better understand their own style and approach, as well as enhancing the skills vital for effective leadership.

✓ Skill Development Programs suitable for individual employees and teams looking to build general skills or enhance specific competencies needed for success in their roles. Programs focus on developing a range of core skills and objectives can be tailored to meet specific needs.

✓ Diversity & Employee Groups suitable for employee networking or affinity groups who join together in the workplace based on shared characteristics or life experiences. Programs are designed to teach communication, assertiveness, teamwork and inclusion in a neutral, non-threatening environment.

✓ Special Events looking for a unique activity for your special event? Our fun and interactive programs are a great option for your team events. We would be happy to work with you to incorporate our activities as part of your conference days, celebrations, Christmas parties and more.

Program Objectives

All programs are based on a specific outcome. The building block progression of EAL exercises includes:

✓ Building Relationships .                                          ✓ Skill Development
✓ Communication                                                       ✓ Listening and Articulation
✓ Problem solving                                                       ✓ Focus

✓ Negotiation                                                              ✓ Trust
✓ Choices                                                                     ✓ Leadership
✓ Body Language                                                        ✓ Team-building and Leadership

In all of our programs, participants will work to:

✓ Develop authentic relationships                               ✓ Accept responsibility and accountability
✓ Find opportunities in working together                   ✓ Realise the benefits of effective communication

✓ Overcome barriers to find change                           ✓ Be creative and innovative
✓ Recognise the value of trust, respect and integrity

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